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excellent links for the day

For all readers who ever fell out of love with a book, your perfect face-saving out-clause: the Suck Fairy.(thanks, Ellen.) This is what I will be doing this weekend. That is, if I can motivate myself to do something besides … Continue reading

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emergency reprints!!

Super exciting, because they’re reprints! Super stressful, because they’re emergencies! Wish I had had a little less coffee today.

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I would find this hilarious if only…

Today, I received a copy edited manuscript back from an author. On top was a cover note: Please find enclosed my response to the copy edit. I have used red pen to locate my changes to the document, and a … Continue reading

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My sister has started a new bar tending job, and her bar has not one but TWO PINBALL MACHINES! That is all for now.

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F had a tough day. Every day he’s been student teaching, he’s come home and said, “I really screwed up today,” but for the most part he’s said it ruefully, not hopelessly or angrily. And he’s supposed to screw up. … Continue reading

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I REALLY have to shower. But I was trying to finish editing my short story before work and hygiene is so darn time-consuming. Boo. An illustrative example of societal expectations’ standing in the way of my path to greatness. Or … Continue reading

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unintentional fraud. woops.

On Saturday, I saw F’s sister (who shall probably be referred to in the future as “my sister-in-law,” although it must at all times be remembered I am not wearing any rings) for the first time in a while. For … Continue reading

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