We had writing group tonight, and I left with a feeling of enormous accomplishment. Everyone was so nice about my story. Now I’m feeling very energetic, and want to go and try to write another one.


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3 Responses to victory!!

  1. Cripes! You’re so brave. I’ve never had the guts to join a writing group or a critique group or anything like that. Sounds like you’ve found a wonderfully supportive bunch of people, too! BTW, there is no ‘try’ — just do it and go write some more. If your blog posts are anything to go by, you’re a natural *VBG*

  2. Emily Cross says:

    Having outside validation is such a wonderful things (when it’s good validation that is lol). Glad to hear it writing group went well, it’s always hard to put your babies out there!

  3. Merry says:

    It’s always great when your crit group spurs you to write more!!! They’re a keeper, that group… now go write!

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