Bad business.

This morning, in a point of negotiation, the person at another company with whom I was dealing told a blatant lie about promises my predecessor had made. I had the previous correspondence right in front of me and it took me all of 40 seconds to identify the lie and for my blood pressure to shoot right through the ceiling.

Nothing gets my spines up like realizing someone is trying to take advantage of me. And in this case, it wasn’t even cleverly done–could this person have imagined I wasn’t going to check my own records?!

My boss has recommended we treat it as a “mistake” and move on. Which I will. But how stupid.

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One Response to apoplexy

  1. My DH was complaining of just this very thing, with spooky similiarities to your story. I was shocked — still am. Sheesh. Must be “Blatant lie in the workplace” week or something. Hope their lies come back and bite them on the ass. Preferrably with really big fangs and some disgusting rabid disease. Karma’s a bitch. Go, Karma!

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