less romantic

than watching the sun rise over the Bronx…

This morning, at the Running Hour, I could be neither shaken nor stirred, and so F had to persevere on his own. On the second leg of his loop, he encountered a murder scene, where the entire road was roped off and a detective was shooting picture.

“But this is my morning loop,” F explained to the detective, who was unimpressed.

All in all, glad I stayed in bed.

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One Response to less romantic

  1. writtenwyrdd says:

    That’s a disturbing start to the day. We had a murder of two men and a 9 year old boy a couple of months ago, and it was very disturbing to know that the guy and kid we waved to every morning were not more. (They lived right on my commute route. Never actually knew them, but in small town america there is a connection about two steps away, and half the people I know are either related to them or connected via school, work, friendshiop, etc. Creepy.)

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