unintentional fraud. woops.

On Saturday, I saw F’s sister (who shall probably be referred to in the future as “my sister-in-law,” although it must at all times be remembered I am not wearing any rings) for the first time in a while. For some reason, she felt it was necessary to give me a birthday present. It was one of those gift credit cards, which she had slipped into a card.

“I can’t remember,” she said, “but I think it has $100 on it.”

“It also has your name on it, though,” I said.

“Yeah. Sorry. You’re going to have to deal with that.”

So I felt bad about accepting the gift anyway–I sure as heck don’t deserve $100!–but F said she was probably making up for that time we helped her move, and she sneakily slipped us money, and we sneakily snuck it back, etc. He said I should just accept it. And we needed a new couch, so we could just put it toward the couch, and then she would be happy to have contributed to our improved lifestyle (the floor apparently not being a grown-up place to sit while watching TV, or something), etc.

So we put this plan into place. The very next day we went to buy the sofa. The price was more than the value of the card (although not too much–we’re cheapos), but I explained to the lady I would put the balance on my own card. She swiped; the transaction went through. Weirddd, we thought. Had that wench sneakily given us more money than she’d said she had?! That would be just like her!

Alas. No.

Today, she got her overdraft statement, and when she took out her debit card to fix the problem, she realized she didn’t have it. She did, however, have the gift card she’d meant to give me.

Rats! I feel terrible about this. I realize it wasn’t my fault, but I still feel guilty for having been part of an accidental mis-use of someone else’s debit card, never mind her overdraft, etc. I will never accept any birthday gifts except for books ever again! 😦

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4 Responses to unintentional fraud. woops.

  1. Simon Hay says:

    Ooops! It took me a long time to accept money and gifts from family without feeling I had to do something in return. I’d like to ban birthday gifts. I’d rather turn up with fresh veges and garden picked flowers. I remember nanna visiting with apples to stew, a bag of groceries, and comics from the church fair. Those were the days (I’m starting to sound like my Pop). Enjoy the sofa.

  2. Karissa says:

    1. doesn’t a debit card look different?!?!
    2. and btw, don’t i still owe you a birthday something or other??! like, uh, chikalicious?

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