I REALLY have to shower. But I was trying to finish editing my short story before work and hygiene is so darn time-consuming.

Boo. An illustrative example of societal expectations’ standing in the way of my path to greatness. Or something. ::trudges off::

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2 Responses to smelly

  1. Karissa says:

    Well, duh, that’s why Hemmingway was a hermit. Do you think HE ever showered?

  2. JES says:

    I really hate the feeling at the end of a major creative but time-consuming outburst like I’ve been Chapsticked all over. If artists and writers were more highly evolved creatures, they’d get cleaner the more they worked, so when the work or session was done with, they’d be READY to celebrate. (Or to go to the day job.) The really talented ones would find their clothes already pressed and on hangers, and the geniuses would get up from the keyboard or walk away from the easel wearing the fresh clothes already. Life isn’t fair, though. (Especially to the friends and co-workers we have to face.)

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