fat weekend

My parents came to town for the weekend, and we failed to accomplish anything besides eat.

This is a warning, because I’m going to be posting some food porn. I had this vague idea when I started this blog that I wanted to make catalogable posts on New York restaurants, sorting them by neighborhood, cuisine, price, and whatever other index might be useful, in case they might be of use to someone. Because then, see, I could trick myself to thinking I’m eating for the greater good.

Consider yourself duly warned.

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2 Responses to fat weekend

  1. I’m excited to see this! I visited NYC recently and gosh, I wanted to stay there and eat forever.

  2. JES says:

    I cannot imagine needing to be warned that you might be blogging about anything.

    Unfortunately I don’t get to NYC as often as I used to, for obvious reasons. But it’s one of the few places about which I love to hear what I’m missing by not being there. (Something wrong with that sentence structure but I’m rushed at the moment and think you get the point anyhow.) Blog on, please.

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