Argentinian dinner: El Almacen, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

El Almacen
557 Driggs Avenue, Williamsburg, NY
Argentinian cuisine

Last night, we splurged for my mom’s birthday and trundled over to Bedford Street, Brooklyn, to have dinner at El Almacen, an (apparently extremely popular) Argentinian restaurant the size of someone’s railroad apartment.

My mom, behind whom you can glimpse the mood lighting and rustic converted apartment decor

We had a very tasty meal in the hoppin’ little joint. The portions are moderate–everyone cleaned their plate, so no doggy-bags, but everyone was pretty explosively full! The food was, without exception, delicious. Although I’ve been to other, cheaper Argentinian restaurants where the food was just as good, there were some special items on the menu that made the experience special. When we were first seated, we were pretty cranky and frozen because we’d had to wait outside for a table for more than an hour. But we cheered up pretty quickly when the food started coming.

Grilled octopus appetizer, served over "warm potato salad." 10 outa 10!

My paella. Chock-full of various fishy things.

Skirt steak, served with cilantro mashed potatoes. True to Argentinian restaurant tradition, there are a number of steak options/combinations on the menu.

My avocado fries! Served with chipotle BBQ sauce. Alas, some appear to be missing--it looks like I failed to take this picture before the ferocious beasts attacked 🙂

Of course I squeezed in a flan! That's berry cinnamon compote on top.

-Universal deliciousness! Good steak and seafood dishes.
-A very friendly and helpful wait staff.

-It’s very crowded, tight, and noisy–maybe a more intimate group (eg two people) would have been able to hear each other, but our group of 5 found conversation pretty impossible
-Long wait–we stood outside (it’s too small to accommodate any waiting indoors) in the cold October night from 8pm to 9:15pm.
-Not much on the menu for strict vegetarians.

What’s special:
-The avocado fries! Delicious.
-Generally, a range of delicious appetizers–we had an excellent cheese platter, really yummy fresh ceviche, and very nice grilled octopus.
-If noise and crowding don’t bother you too much, you might enjoy the adorable rustic feeling of the restaurant.
-In warm weather, there’s a (supposedly lovely) garden to eat in.

Price range: Entrees are $15-$22, appetizers $5-$12. Including tax, tip, appetizer, entree, half a dessert, and one glass of wine each, our per-person average was $53 for the meal.

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5 Responses to Argentinian dinner: El Almacen, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  1. Karissa says:

    um, as a seasoned food porn photographer — please use the macro setting on your camera! =P ahahah

  2. Derek Gentry says:

    Even a little blurry, that octopus looks goooood (…as does the paella, steak, and avocado fries_.

    You lost me with the flan though. I guess I’ve just never been a flan man.

  3. Tulsa says:

    Happy B-day Whaddaya Mean’s Mommy! ❤
    Avocado fries?! Sounds heavenly…I wonder if I could make that?

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