Wednesday! Wednesday! It’s Bookscan day!

I tingle with excitement! Speed me to work, o fair 3 train!

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3 Responses to Wednesday! Wednesday! It’s Bookscan day!

  1. pacatrue says:

    Hey, whaadaya. In Wheel of Time news, I’m a member of Theoryland, which is a web site for people to discuss their theories about the plot of Wheel of Time. The most popular discussion of course revolves around who killed Asmodean. And what Moiraine’s been up to. I haven’t posted in about 4 years though (pacafinn). Anyway, they sent me a link to some Towers of Midnight stuff, such as a non-spoiler review and a link to the audio version of chapter 2 at Tor. I thought you might be interested in the latter. I am just reading Gathering Storm now. Got it from the library last week.

  2. oh my gosh. i forgot you were a WOT nerd, too. this is GREAT. obviously i’m counting down the moments until November 2nd. thanks for the links!!

    does this mean we can read TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT in tandem and have a mini book club?!

  3. pacatrue says:

    I’m afraid I’ll be a little behind you. I’ll probably stay cheap and wait for the library to get it.

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