some thoughts for Monday

  • I am working under a desperate TIPsheet deadline, and I am running behind. Therefore I have taken a moment to blog.
  • I am almost done with Towers of Midnight, the Brandon Sanderson addition to the Wheel of Time series. I am 40% engaged, 60% disappointed, but have decided not to blog anything else about it. At least for now. I am confident others will say what I’m thinking in a more temperate and less emotional way.
  • My brother finally came around and bought his ticket to Tucson for Christmas (ok, he allowed me to buy it for him, but I suspect he’ll pay me back). I am very extremely excited about a childlike Norwegian-style Christmas with all my far-flung cousins in the balmy desert. I foresee much Mexican food and nerddom.
  • Heard back on an offer I made for an AWESOME new book, and the entire office is in an uproar over the good news. Excitement is infectious here. One of the reasons I love this company.
  • My mini-me just got a job in publishing. I am very proud and happy for her. It’s almost as exciting as getting one’s own job.
  • F made me cucumber salad for lunch. I love cukes.
  • Thanksgiving, my Absolute Favorite Holiday, approaches. I will be trying on bridesmaid dresses for the next wedding I’m in! I’m really (and not sarcastically) excited about this.
  • I hate TIPsheets.
  • That is all for now.
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11 Responses to some thoughts for Monday

  1. Wisteria789 says:

    I am half way through and pretty disappointed, but I will continue, as I did with the new Star Wars movies.

  2. Simon Hay says:

    Those are good thoughts. I’ll share some of mine, because then we’re in a conversation.
    1) I like conversations and I’ve had some good ones this week.
    2) I’ve started a new writing project about healing.
    3) I’ve been cooking a great Morrocan chicken stir fry dish!
    4) We’re baby sitting dogs. 4 yap yap dogs is too many.
    5) I cried when I got a form rejection from someone I admire. I was surprised, I had no idea how expectant I was about that query. I sucked it up and queried someone else straight away.
    6) We’re planning another healing event in Rochester in Feb. The love and interest is huge.
    7) I hate shaving, but, apparently, when I shave I look younger. Man-grooming drives me crazy.

  3. So much good news! (aside from Mr. Sanderson, but maybe he’ll redeem himself yet?) Thanks for sharing and congrats on your accepted offer and also Tucson!

    • He DEFINITELY has an opportunity to redeem himself. The good/bad news is he has decided to take two years to write the next book instead of one. Part of the problem, in my mind at least, is that he hasn’t taken the responsibility seriously enough, or taken the care of creation he should have. More craft focus and editing (and less faffing around, missing deadlines, writing other giant books, and focusing on touring/marketing initiatives) would have solved 70% of the problems. IMHO.

      Have you been to Tucson?

  4. JES says:

    I love Thanksgiving too. Oddly, though, some of my favorite young-person’s memories are of the Weds. night before the day itself. People coming home from college, nobody frenzying just yet over food prep or The Holidays in general, the first smells of cinnamon and nutmeg, the pizza…


      Part of the party is in the aggregation beforehand. The older I get, the more I love hanging out with my siblings. It’s hard to get us all in the same place at once, so when it happens, it’s like an instant party.

      • JES says:

        Sometimes I worry about you in your chosen profession and sometimes it delights me to know that there’s (still) room in it for someone so sentimental.

  5. Briony says:

    I think I’m going to get my Dad onto The Wheel of Time. He likes those sorts of books, and then I can make him buy them, and then steal them off him so I can read them too!

    Also, cukes rock.

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