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Tomorrow, F’s placement in the 1st grade place where he’s been student teaching ends. It’s only a half-day, anyway, and lots of the kids will have already left for wherever their families go for Christmas. So today was the year … Continue reading

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my heart is breaking a little

Don’t judge me. This makes me really sad. Utada Hikaru is a Japanese pop star I’ve followed since I was 16. (She was 16 at the time, too – so my teenage self kind of saw her as a much … Continue reading

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My Box of Meat (unpaid public service announcement)

So UPS sucks in my area. Don’t get me started. Anyway I come home on Tuesday to find two missed delivery stickies in my foyer. On Wednesday, by the time I had a chance to call during business hours, the … Continue reading

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how to recognize one is not yet ready to be a parent

Sometimes (rather more frequently lately, now that he’s teaching 1st graders, who I guess are cute or something), F brings up the logistics of having children of our own. Tis raises questions of who will, well, raise them (since neither … Continue reading

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post-weekend report

in brief note form: Went to a friend’s birthday party on Friday night. Although the evening got off to a rocky start (F could not tie his tie for the life of him, and spent 45 frustrated minutes trying, while … Continue reading

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no good deed

Yesterday was largely a stellar day. It included a sushi lunch and dinner at a Japanese tea house, as well as the writing of the most fun and satisfying ed memo I’ve done in a long time. However, I had … Continue reading

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