so, so happy, so very VERY happy

Ok, still at work and horribly busy, but just had to take a moment to say CONGRATULATIONS to Ellen Oh, who just signed a 3-book deal with HarperCollins for her YA fantasy series set in ancient Korea. The first book, PROPHECY, will be out in 2012.

I cannot tell you how excited I am for this book. I had the privilege of reading a draft many moons ago and was windswept by the premise, the scope, and the bravery of the story, even back in its infancy. It is SO exciting to see something you believe in making waves. GO ELLEN.

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4 Responses to so, so happy, so very VERY happy

  1. Yay yay yay!! I am so very happy to hear this news. Ello deserves this and I can’t *wait* to read her trilogy!!!

  2. WendycinNYC says:

    So great for her!! Yay!!

  3. Oh, hooray! Thank you for sharing this news!!!

    *goes to see if books are on Goodreads yet*

  4. Tulsa says:

    akemashite omedeto gozaimasu!

    The new year seems to be off at a great start!
    I want to read 100 books this year (short or long will not matter) and I HAVE to get through my list of books to read too! The race has begun!
    Hopefully I can read Ellen’s books this year too!

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