love for Arizona (CONTEST OF LOVE)

I shall probably have to post elsewhere at greater length on the singular magnificence of the suguaro cactus, which lives only in the Sonora Desert.

I know we’ve all followed the news from Arizona with horror, sadness, sympathetic thoughts, prayers, or whatever other form our energies have taken.

If you’re like me, though, you’re surprised at how close to home the shooting has come. My dad grew up in Tucson, and I only returned from spending Christmas there a few days ago. My second cousin is a victims advocate who has been assigned to the case. Janni Lee Simner, an author and blogger I follow (and who inadvertently inspired this post), belongs to the same temple as Congresswoman Gifford. And a blogger I follow, Ashleigh Burroughs, introduced by my good friend JES, was one of the victims and is now undergoing surgery to repair damage done by three bullets.

In all this bad news, I am saddened that a place I love–Arizona–has taken such a beating lately. I spoke to my grandmother, the Tucson native and Southwestern arts dealer, this morning. My grandmother says if there’s any one thing you can do to help Tucson right now, it is to “fight the rhetoric of hate.”

To that end, I’m spreading some love of Tucson with three awesome prizes that come from Tucson:

a case of the best hot sauce in the whole world, Poblano, which has been made in Tucson at a family-owned business since 1924. Seriously, this stuff is AWESOME. Click the link and see the various assortments you’ll be able to choose from! It will be shipped to your house!*

a copy of Thief Eyes, by Janni Lee Simner, a Tucson resident and a really nice lady as well as an award-winning author (I met her at Sirens; boy did she make an impression).

a copy of The Turquoise Ledge, by Leslie Marmon Silko (who lives in Tucson), the author’s memoir about growing up mixed race and Native American. This book was a huge hit with my relatives at our Christmas in Tucson, and has suguaro on the front. Yum.

TO ENTER: Do any one of the following (or do them all, for multiple entries!):

-post on your blog about your love for Arizona and/or Tucson.
-tweet something you love about Arizona and/or Tucson. Use the hashtag #ArizonaLove so I’ll be sure to see it.

-post on Facebook something you love about Arizona and/or Tucson

-post on your blog about stopping the rhetoric of hate (make sure you mention Arizona, because we believe it will generate good karma for hurting Arizonans)

I’ll close the contest for entries on Thursday, January 13, at 5pm EST. Anything posted before then is valid. I will select my favorite three entries based entirely on what touches my whimsical heart, but I may run finalists by my grandmother for further advice.

To make sure I’m giving you proper credit for your entry, you might want to either leave a comment here with blog post links or whatever.

*Alas, because of shipping issues, this prize is only available to people in the continental US.

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10 Responses to love for Arizona (CONTEST OF LOVE)

  1. Wendy Trakes says:

    Hi! I’m CalliopeM on twitter and I posted some love. Thanks for doing this. 🙂

  2. beckylevine says:

    I love this. Thanks for giving us the chance to say something good/nice about Tucson. Because there is lots!

  3. Joyce Lansky says:

    With such little humidity, my hair always looks great in Arizona! Thanks for the great contest. I posted on Twitter with the #ArizonaLove hashtag.

  4. JES says:

    Great contest!

    After I posted a(n?) #ArizonaLove tweet last night, I checked out the others as of that point. Some actually predate your contest though… You might want to factor that in, so as to disqualify any tweets about orgiastic desert rituals under the winter-solstice full moon.

    Er, not that I found any of those. Er, not that I was looking for them.

  5. Done:

    My parents took my twin sis and I to Arizona in high school. At the time, my twin and I were pissed. First, we had not been consulted on where to go and this was the first time we’d been out of New England. Second, we wanted to go somewhere more like…well, like New England not the stupid desert. Of course we ended up loving Arizona and finding it beautiful and having a wonderful time. I’m pretty sure we went to the San Xavier Mission, which I loved.

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