I hate that the deadlines that loom over my head are editorial–things I need to get off my desk, that I really need to get to the author already so s/he can have enough time to address my comments.

I hate the way those looming deadlines cause stress, because I love editing so much and don’t like having to associate something I love with sleepless nights and feelings of panic.

I hate that so much of the super important work I have to do all day has nothing at all to do with editing, and in fact takes me away from the thoughtful place from which I can edit. I hate that these mini-chores–unfortunately, all life-or-death–are what make editorial projects second-class work.

Those are all my thoughts for now.

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One Response to irritants

  1. Boo, I’m sorry you’re so stressed and busy!! I don’t know what to say except that I hope things lighten up soon, at least for a little breather.

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