valentine <3

Well, F is in Massachusetts with my mother for three days, so I have no date for Valentine’s Day. That is ok, as I believe I will be using my evening as a single lady to go to karaoke with my coworkers. Swapping one true love for another.

So I dedicate this post to some of my other One True Loves.





What can I say? There’s a lot of love in my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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3 Responses to valentine <3

  1. JES says:

    Is that banana cream pie?!? (Tentative NOM.)

    Just read an article somewhere — the Guardian, maybe? — about the passing of love letters as a literary art form. This post stands as a counter-argument: love letters haven’t gone away; they’ve just morphed!

  2. faye says:

    How come I wasn’t invited to karaoke?!

  3. Tulsa says:

    Is that Mr. Children!??!!!

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