after a month of homelessness

I may finally have found an apartment. I’m not counting any chickens–I’m not assuming anything is safe until I’m holding the keys in my hand while looking out of my own apartment window at the departing moving trucks–but the prospect of a place to live is VERY VERY exciting.

Especially after three near-misses, 5 credit checks, and two different forfeited deposits (one of which I’m still waiting on a refund for).

New York, New Nightmare.

Times like these make you understand descriptions of the city as hard or unforgiving. They also make you remember how many amazing friends you have.

Anyway, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn! Here I come. My first time living in Brooklyn, ever. And I have plenty of space to put up out-of-town guests, which is really important to me.

That’s my news for now. Once I’m settled I promise to blog more.

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6 Responses to after a month of homelessness

  1. WendycinNYC says:

    Oh wow! That’s exciting. Congrats.

  2. Karissa says:

    ooh brooklyn! you did not tell me this! i do not know where bay ridge is though.

  3. Woohoo! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly. Watch the movers–that’s where I got the most screwed during our move to Vermont. Tricky tricky aholes. I hope I can take you up on the out-of-town offer sometime : )

  4. Wisteria789 says:

    Good luck! So exciting to have your own space.

  5. JES says:

    Read this before but, thanks to the Internet outage, couldn’t comment to tell you that this is COOL NEWS!

    I’ve never lived in NYC myself, but I’ve known other people who have. My understanding of why it can seem hard or unforgiving, especially when embarking on something new, is that it can seem so wonderful to live there when things are stable. (And I’m not just talking rent-control stable. (Do they even HAVE rent control anymore???))

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