living alone

file under “things I practiced today that I need to continue to practice more in the future”:

-sleeping as late as I want, without regard for anyone else’s schedule
-taking up the entire bed
-cleaning the bathroom even though no one else is going to see it, just because it’s nicer to have a clean bathroom
-not texting (you don’t need to text someone all the time. you still exist even if you are not sending/receiving text messages from others)
-my violin, for the first time since November
-grocery shopping (hey! It’s not so bad)
-cooking for 1 (or overcooking for 1, and reheating leftovers for the next X meals)
-opening a bottle for a single glass of wine (and enjoying one glass of wine without worrying if the rest of the bottle is going to go bad)
-watching a movie of my own choice on my laptop by myself without googling/facebooking/talking through it
-see post title

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6 Responses to living alone

  1. cindy says:

    i ❤ you juliet!

    also, i had NO idea you played the violin!
    you are so full of surprises!!

  2. Sounds like a great day! Good for you : )

    Also reminded me of this cute video. Ever seen it?

  3. Wisteria789 says:

    Love watching a movie of my own!

  4. Briony says:

    That video is amazing! And watching movies alone is great. Even in the cinemas.

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