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People don’t want to come visit me at my apartment because I don’t have an air conditioner. Because I care a little too much what other people think, I decided to go ahead and buy one. Well, also because I … Continue reading

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the best/worst part about hanging out with other writers

is this oft-repeated bit of dialogue: “That’s a great line. You should use it. Are you going to use it? Because if you’re not, I will.”

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Today I went out to lunch with a (rather senior, well-known) agent. At the end of the meal, he asked, “What is your ethnicity? You project an Italian volubility.”

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is a funny thing. Yesterday, I went to a cocktail party benefit for a literacy nonprofit after work. It was at one of these super-swanky midtown Manhattan apartments that one would never see or imagine the inside of if one … Continue reading

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I have some extra galleys of a Fall 2011 title of mine (mystery/thriller). If that’s your cup of tea, let me know and I’ll pop one in the mail to you!

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Today, toward the very end of a frenzied afternoon, our office door opened and a guy with a handtruck of boxes came in. (I work in publishing; this happens a lot.) “Hey,” he said. My first thought was, hey, that … Continue reading

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So my friend Karissa first exposed me to the idea that a skill or an art could only be mastered after ten thousand hours of work (Googling reveals to me this idea was recently popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers). … Continue reading

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