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Am I really going to try to start to write another novel? Cf title of post. Advertisements

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Tonight, I am making a Rotundo family specialty for dinner. It’s a soup we call Patad’ [e] Cucuzz’ (or Potato and Squash).* Here is a rough recipe: Patad’ Cucuzz’ Ingredients: olive oil (as much as you like, I go for … Continue reading

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I am doing my first-ever reading of my own writing tonight (well, first-ever minus two 5-minute open mics). That’s where I’ve been for the last two weeks, btw. Worrying about the reading. What I would read. How it would sound. … Continue reading

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half-formed thoughts on editing a translation

1) How much is ok to change? Should we sacrifice elegance for faithfulness? 2) Subjectively (insert “rendered into English” on all counts): Swedish is a redundant language. Japanese is oblique. Mandarin is leaping. Turkish is winding. If we move editorially … Continue reading

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