Am I really going to try to start to write another novel?

Cf title of post.

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4 Responses to plodding[plotting]

  1. Huzzah! Can’t wait to hear what it’s about : )

  2. So far it’s “about” 298 words of me not being sure I actually have anything to say…

    • JES says:

      “Great oaks from little acorns grow.” 🙂

      I’ve probably already blabbed about this within your virtual earshot, but a writing course I once took was practically built around a single phrase: Ask the next question. Er, well, ask and then ANSWER, of course. And then ask the next question… Etc. 300 words isn’t a bad start: — hard to believe they don’t leave the door open to a flood of questions.

  3. Wendy says:

    Me too, my friend.

    I’d love to hear your idea!

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