Amy Hempel

Yesterday, while housebound, I discovered Amy Hempel. A friend had lent me a copy of her complete works (an enticingly slender volume; she has only ever published very spare short stories) but it took gale-force winds to make me sit down with it.

Now I know.

Here‘s her most widely anthologized story. Do not click through unless you are prepared to be completely crushed.

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4 Responses to Amy Hempel

  1. Wendy says:

    She was one of the teachers at the Southampton Writer’s Conference when I was there, so I sat in on one of her lectures and bought a story collection. Me = a fan. Everyone who took her critique class said that she was amazing.

  2. She was also at Bread Loaf last year when I was there. Everyone treated her with awe.

  3. Froog says:

    There was an appreciation of her by Chuck Palahniuk in the LA Weekly nearly a decade ago:

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