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Check this out. My dad used to tell me flute was a boring instrument because it had the least dynamic variation and therefore less emotive capability. Be that as it may, THIS is not so boring! Advertisements

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I wish I didn’t have to play today: Where were you when…? Can you believe it’s been…? Everyone seems to have a wild story like this, but I know a person who… and Do you think we’re still…? But for … Continue reading

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Yesterday, someone asked me what the novel I’m working on is about. I read from the 150-word summary I had prepared for my writing group. “I hear what happens in it, what the plot architecture is,” my friend said. “I … Continue reading

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You will know how this story ends, once I tell you how it begins, which is me deciding to delete all the old/accidental/excess drafts in my Gmail folder. Naturally I came across a string of correspondence with my college boyfriend, … Continue reading

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