Home, and falling over.

Briefly, a collection of dispatches from Southeast Asia:

Central Vietnamese-style pancake (banana, peanut, chocolate) and fresh passion fruit (Hue, Vietnam)


Chicken banh bot loc (meat, vegetables, and sesame to be hand-rolled in a very thin rice crepe), a signature dish of Hoi An


Pork banh ouc (very thick spongy rice crepe, bean sprouts, lettuce, and very, very spicy garlic chili sauce), a signature dish of Hue, Vietnam (we only got to eat it because our buddy the Orchid Hotel shuttle driver took us to his favorite roadside stand at the end of a very long day)


I have cinnamon ice cream (Hoi An, Vietnam)


The complementary fruit plate that came with the Orchid Hotel Honeymoon Suite (uh, different story). Counterclockwise: dragon fruit, teenytiny tangerines, fresh persimmon. Anyone who can identify the mysterious green thing gets a prize. (Hue, Vietnam)


We tried many kinds of Vietnamese beer. Saigon, Hanoi, Tiger, 333. They all tasted about the same. The lovely Alexis models one here. Cheers!


Double-fisting fresh salty apple juice and Vietnamese iced coffee at the Noi Ban airport in Hanoi at 5 am


Prawn cocktail. Those flowers are made out of carved cucumbers. (Halong Bay, Vietnam)


Breakfast on Cat Ba Island: hot Vietnamese coffee in the foreground; mango fried dough and a plate of cucumbers aft. (Halong Bay, Vietnam)


Things we did not order on Cat Ba. (File under #whatiswamber.)


Amazing street food stirfry. (Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.)


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9 Responses to jetlag

  1. cindy says:

    welcome home!

    i wonder if wamber is cucumber? haha

  2. Karissa says:

    custard apple!


  3. My mouth is watery. Can’t wait to see more pics and eat vicariously through you! Welcome home : )

  4. (*Watering…but I suppose if my mouth IS watering then it could conceivably be described as watery? Nothing to see here, folks. Go about your business…)

  5. JES says:

    Please tell me you have a food book stirring within you, along with the-gods-know-what fiction.

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