A sad unglamorous side of being an editor: the six-car pile-up.

I am in a pickle. I have 5 edits and a re-edit to finish by December 31st. It usually takes me about 2 weeks of full-time uninterrupted editing to finish a manuscript.

My boss knows about this pickle and has been understanding, but I feel like this is my challenge to bail myself out of. It’s just impossible to get any editing done at the office–there’s a constant stream of Extremely Vital emaIL (EVIL), marketing meetings (necessary! interesting!), material routing, other frippery. The only solution for this jam is editing outside the office–in cafes at night after leaving work (like last night), at home early mornings (like today), on weekend days in public libraries.

Anyway, I am doing My Favorite Thing (MFT) and making a list to incentivize myself. I will give each manuscript a codename and bore you for the next couple weeks with updates about my progress:

Strawberry (this one is ALMOST done–I worked on it all over Thanksgiving. I should finish it today)

2nd Pass: Wild (pending the author’s delivery, which might not be in time for me to squeeze it in)

Bonus: Scrooge 2 (my assistant is working on this, though, and I told him to have his notes to me by Dec 31, so I’ll only start on it if he finishes early)

May this be very interesting to you. (Ha.)

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2 Responses to countdown

  1. JES says:

    So much for the glamorous stereotype of the pipe-smoking, suede-elbowed-tweed-sportcoated editor, kicking back with his/her feet on the desk while s/he ruminates about an awkward phrase. And drinking martinis for lunch.

    If you were Janet Reid, you’d be making up a contest right now requiring us to use the words strawberry, smart, goat, measure, Scrooge, and wild in a short story or poem. And then you’d have to add to your incentivizing list one more item: Judge contest. So we won’t hold our collective breath. 🙂

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