manuscript update

Although this is of interest to no one but me, my editorial to-do list:

Strawberry (wahoo! got this one out)
Smart (about 3/4 done… maybe tonight I’ll finish!)
(alas, author has in fact delivered, so I have to take a second pass asap)
Scrooge 2

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4 Responses to manuscript update

  1. JES says:

    You say that this is of interest to no one but you. Actually, I appreciate the glimpse over the cubicle wall (or through the crack in the office door, depending on how grand your quarters).

    You did say there’s no particular significance to these codenames, right? I like the mix of nouns both common and proper, plus adjectives. Makes the whole thing much more mysterious.

  2. cindy says:

    go juliet go! JIA YOU!
    i’m hoping to finish my novel before the
    bubs let out next week. i thought i had
    until next friday but apparently, the last day
    of school is thursday. woe! haha

  3. Alexis says:

    Goooood luck!

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