manuscript update

Ticking along. I can do this.

Scrooge (skipped ahead to this one–smooth and satisfying but time-consuming)

Scrooge 2

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3 Responses to manuscript update

  1. JES says:

    Is “smooth and satisfying but time-consuming” a comment about how its editing went? or a comment about MS Scrooge per se?

    Thanks for the update. It’s like watching shadows play on the far side of a pane of frosted glass.

    • You know, this happens–sometimes the manuscripts that take the longest are actually the ones that are in the best condition when they come to you, because you start thinking really closely about interesting questions that arise from the text (basically, engaging at a different level than “chop this sentence” or “change this word order”). It’s one of those. I think I might be luxuriating a little too much… I’m only averaging about 8-10 pages an hour which would make this a 50-60-hour project.

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