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On Wednesday, I left my apartment at 3:45 a.m. to head to the airport. My destination was Dallas, Texas, for the American Librarians Association Midwinter conference. I love conferences. I also hate them. At 3:45 a.m. I was a spectrum … Continue reading

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I want to share some news with you guys… My short story “Monologue” was just selected as runner up for the Open City RRofihe Trophy. (The winner and other finalists are announced here.) Only the winner was supposed to be … Continue reading

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I love to blog, but I’m struggling with my blog identity here. Soon, my company is starting a blog that we hope will be really great and interactive and community-driven, and I will be writing about industry stuff there again … Continue reading

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much to write about recently. I am on a kick of self-betterment projects (reading, movie-watching, editing, other work stuff, writing, cooking, exercising, etc) which means most of my time is spent doing stimulating things I can cross of my to-do … Continue reading

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what I read in 2011

Of little interest to anyone but me, but if you record it in public you get more credit for it, right? 1. Cara Black/Murder in Montmartre 2. Jassy Mackenzie/Stolen Lives 3. Cara Black/Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis 4. Cara Black/Murder … Continue reading

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