hi, blog.

I miss you. I started a rather long post on March 23 but it’s still stuck in draft.

I haven’t even posted on my mini book-log-blog since March. I think it’s because I haven’t finished reading a book since then, which is unlike me. Both not to finish a book and not to remember if I haven’t finished a book. I fanatically log pretty much everything I do.

I’m trying to knock through a glut of editing. It’s how I’m spending this Sunday afternoon, which is nice.

Also one of my authors, who’s in town for her tour, is staying with me tonight. We’re going to have an all-night editorial workshop and bang through all my manuscript notes–if this method turns out to be time-effective, I might do it again sometime. I have ice cream and wine.

Also I have had a chance in living arrangement, which has been time-consuming but, I hope, for the best. I hope I don’t have to pack or move any more boxes for a looong time.

Also I sprained my ankled packing and moving boxes and it’s totally minor and silly of me but I haven’t been able to go jogging in two weeks, which is squishy-feeling.

Also I made French onion soup on Friday. Wasn’t as complicated as I thought it was going to be.

Also I scrubbed the red mold off my bathroom tiles this morning. The power of Ajax is surprising and somewhat disconcerting. I do not intend to do anything like this again for as long as possible.

This is all the news for now, I think. I hope to edit another 40 pages today so I will go work on that now.

Hope everybody’s well!

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3 Responses to hi, blog.

  1. Karissa says:

    so much said and yet so little.

  2. I’m with Karissa on this one. At least there’s been an update! It sounds like everything is going well. I love the all night editing idea. Especially when it involves the person you edited with.

  3. jesimpson says:

    You can leave this kind of post anytime. Good to know that you’re doing well, settling in (even if forced to, via the sprain), and apparently working very much to your satisfaction!

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