new crime-y post

Hello, neglected beloved blog. I wanted to at least cross-post here the work I’ve been doing at the Soho blog.

Here’s my April Classic Crime post–What does Sherlock Holmes mean to you?


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2 Responses to new crime-y post

  1. JES says:

    Love the new blog. And I can tell you love it, too — you’re enthusing all over, not least between the lines.

    But, sigh, I really wish whoever made up the design had not opted to use Facebook as the comment engine. I know, I know: companies look for social-media synergy, why build from scratch?, all of that. And I know: I should not be using my work PC for frivolousness like even reading non-work-related blog comments. Still, the fact remains that the FB comment mechanism, like the FB site itself, is blocked by the Internet filters at work. (At the comments area on the Soho site, absolutely nothing appears onscreen.) AND I can think of a few high-quality commenters who either (a) don’t have a FB account at all or (b) use it grudgingly for non-FB-specific purposes (mostly because of FB’s history of asshatted privacy-policy decisions).

    Still, I know: I’m like a T. Rex bellowing at the sky as the flaming asteroid enters the atmosphere.

  2. Hahaha. Bellow away, Mr. Rex. I’ll bellow along with you.

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