still hungry…

some random facts about me:

1. I love Chinese food. Some particular favorites are noodle soups, fried dumplings, congee, pudding tea, hot pot, mapo tofu, snow pea greens, fried scallion pancakes, and general dim sum. But I am not close-minded. If you are eating Chinese food in my area, please feel free to invite me along. Please, pleasepleaseplease.

2. I spend most of the day reading—pretty much all day at work is reading work stuff, and then my one consistent hobby is reading more. Please talk about books with me.

3. I love Japanese food. I love sushi of all kinds, but I also love nabeyaki or kitsune udon, zaru soba, onigiri, any Japanese dessert but particularly anmitsu, and many Japanese beverages. Please take me to Japan.

4. I live in New York. I love to escape for wilder or foreign places fairly often, but whenever I come back I get so stimulated by just seeing the skyline that I usually tear up and can feel my pulse jumping in the palms of my hands. I’m not exaggerating here; it’s a weirdly visceral reaction. I’ve been here for a decade now and don’t quite consider myself a New Yorker (yet?), but I don’t really belong anywhere else right now.

5. I love pie of all kinds. Sweet, savory, big, small, fruit, cream, meat, or vegetable. Some of my favorite places to get pie are from Bubby’s, where they also make a mean dirty martini and a very nice burger, and Martha, the Baked Goods Lady who has a booth on Houston Street and West Broadway on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

6. I believe children would love math if we just gave them a little more credit and respect.

7. I always feel cold, even when other people are comfortable.I like such things as saunas, hot tubs, deserts, and piles of blankets.

8. If I could learn any language, my first choice would be Turkish.

9. I hate shopping. Without any exceptions.

10. I am addicted to Microsoft Windows 3d Space Pinball. I also like real-life pinball. My sister works at a bar with two pinball machines, so if you’re ever up for a drink and a flip, let me know. I’m your girl.

11. I am only half-Italian, but sometimes (often) I feel 100% Italian-American.

12. Other cuisines I am currently and constantly in the mood for but which haven’t made the list yet include Peruvian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indian, Moroccan, Persian, Italian, English, New English, French, Russian, and always, always Mexican.

13. Someday, I would like to take a roadtrip of the USA and stop by all the famous and fabulous independent bookstores, but

14. I can’t drive. Alas.

15. My religious code is Goethe’s Decisive Element.

16. I love Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, but I also hate it. We’ve had a complex and formative (one-way) relationship.

17. I will add to this list if other things occur to me.


7 Responses to still hungry…

  1. JES says:

    Ha — I can tell you’ve been working hard on this page!

  2. HA!! Oh dear.

    Well spotted. Better add this to my to-do list.

  3. Karissa says:

    you like fired dumplings? are they the ones that have been victims to this terrible economic downturn and are now collecting unemployment and not getting real jobs? god, dumplings. so, so dumpy and lazy.

  4. Ah, Robert Jordan….. 10 years between books is a bit maddening, isn’t it… or is that George R R Martin? My son turned me on to these multi-volume epics and I’m hooked. .. tho I have trouble keeping them straight.

    Pinball and ethnic food in NY…. I’m in!

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